Cotton Blankets

Compare all of our cotton blankets to much more expensive blankets, an excellent value!

Geo Diamond Heavyweight (80" x 60",  3 lbs. 14 oz)  Beautiful design and soft.  A  nice large size, perfect for yoga class as blankets and also as props.  Also works beautifully as a throw.    
Wave Heavyweight  (80" x 60",  3 lbs. 14 oz) While great for yoga, these blankets have a stylish and trendy look that you can use in a variety of ways.
Classic Weight
Mount Adams 100% Cotton Blanket (74" x 54", 2lbs 8 oz) - Our newest blanket, from Mount Adams, has a basketweave design, and a super soft feel. Great for yoga as well as home decor.
Geo Diamond Classic with Tassels (74" x 54", 2lbs 8 oz) - Beautiful design and soft, in our classic size and weight.
Geo Diamond Classic Tassel-less (74" x 54", 2lbs 8 oz) - Beautiful design and soft, in our classic size and weight, just without the tassels.